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EST. 2010, PATENT #62547381





Our newest innovation is a temporary Tattoo of a Belly Button!

Ideal for anyone who has had a flap reconstruction, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, or even a serious C-Section!

It doesn't matter what the reason is, if your belly button is missing or scarred, this can be a game-changer for you!  We want you to feel sexy again, and if you want it tattooed permanently after that, see an expert A.R.T. Certified tattoo heARTist to give you the best work!

Printed on a transparent background,
NIPPLEBACKS are designed to work with all skin tones. 
We have many different styles and color
combinations to choose from.

Buy a variety pack to try them on and have some
fun with your new look!

Just like a new pair of jeans,
you don't know until you try them on!


A radical mastectomy is a full removal of all breast tissue, usually including the nipple/areola complex (NAC).  

For those of us who are faced with this amputation, a great loss comes from missing such an important part of our feminine identity.

This experience isn't limited to female and male breast cancer survivors but also previvors, burn victims, failed surgeries,  and those who have had top surgery.

We understand this loss, so we created the most simple and beautiful solution - Temporary Areola Tattoos.  A powerful emotional healing aid.

Missing something?  Here's your NIPPLEBACK!


"OMG I actually feel like

a HUMAN again!"  

(through tears upon seeing

herself with nipples again)

"What you are doing for women is nothing short of amazing"


"This is an amazing product and will help me so much.  I can't put into words how elated I feel!"

"Whoever invented this product  cares what a woman feels like after losing your breasts"


"I was overwhelmed with emotion.  I feel so much better about myself within minutes!"

"These are amazing, THANK YOU!!  It's incredible seeing myself with nipples again!"

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