Meet Stacie-Rae 

Stacie-Rae has been tattooing professionally for over 25 years and has inspired great change and evolution in the medical tattoo field...

- Expert body tattoo artist that specializes in scar coverup tattooing

- Medical Tattoo Specialist - Areola, belly button, toenail & webbing restoration.

- Scar Expert, with strong scar reduction & camoflauge techniques

- Skin condition improvement, acne scars, fine lines & wrinkles

- SRS pigmentation and bottom surgery friendly

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What she really does...

Stacie-Rae does everything from Paramedical Artistry and scar reduction to decorative scar coverups and beyond.  She teaches her unique method, writes books, speaks publicly and much more.

KINTSUGI TATTOO is focused on the ancient healing potential of  a technically sound tattoo done in conjunction with trauma release and intention setting.

Whatever YOU need to get you to that inner place of empowered wholeness, Stacie-Rae's 25 years of experience can facilitate.  The thing that matters is that YOUR tattoo helps you feel great about yourself and empowered to embrace the next chapter of your life with excitement!

She honours the ancient and sacred in tattoo culture with all she does, and views tattoo art as medicine. 

An Usui Reiki Master, she fuses ancient wisdom with modern knowledge into a unique trauma release and intention setting practice.  The tattoo becomes a talisman of the inner healing that has taken place!

Reconcile a changed body with a healed mind to move forward into life empowered and anew!

Hyper Realism
Hyper Realism

Talk about 3D!!!

Super 3D!
Super 3D!

Can you even believe its a tattoo? Neither can she!


Expert Medical Tattooing - Top and Bottom Surgeries

Hyper Realism
Hyper Realism

Talk about 3D!!!