Kintsugi Akademy is here to bring healing to the world.

We believe in the power of tattoo A.R.T. to heal a broken soul by changing the visual experience of the changed body.

Advanced Education for Experienced Machine Tattooers.

Restorative Tattooing to Restore Confidence.

If you can dream it, we can do it.

Let us show you how.



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Ancient and Sacred


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Stacie-Rae and Roy have almost 60 years combined tattoo experience.  They have both been in this beloved industry since the late 80's and have watched trends come and go over the years.  They also both know how to put things in the skin correctly with long-term results and client satisfaction as the only goals that really matter.

The trend that saddens them the most is this new idea that tattooing is something that can be taught in a matter of days by sitting in a class and listening to an instructor.  They both know the great responsibility to the clients that comes with this amazing and dynamic career.  We must do things permanently and skillfully.  

So, they have pioneered an approach to tattoo education for the experienced tattooist looking to round out their skillset and add a new service to their established roster.  Becoming a healer through the ART of tattoo is a high honour, indeed.  One must first master their craft in healthy skin, before they are ready to move into challenging tissue.

Restorative Tattooing is advanced and simply must be technically executed to a level of quality that survivors of any trauma deserve.  To honour and respect this fact, we do not work with anyone with less than 3 years tattoo experience.

We love our trusting clients and we will do our part to protect them from the underskilled practitioner.  


We take a hands-on, immersive approach.  We focus on collaboration and learning from each other in our small classes of 1-3.  We truly care about the tattooers that we work with and we aim to create better artists than we are ourselves, as each generation grows what they've learned from those who came before them.  Responsible training above all.

Tattooing might look easy on TV, but it's anything but.  If you already understand your machines, your needles, and the skin, then we'd love to work with you and help you achieve your own best self, and find your inner greatness!