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the Healing Tattoo Artists

While no tattoo actually holds any kind of healing potential or magic, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  That means that its all about perspective.  We have a trademarked and copyrighted trauma release technique that we offer that is safe and effective.

Getting a tattoo over a trauma site or when you carry trauma in your body can help you transform your pain into beauty and strength.  We have a dedicated approach to this that is incredibly powerful.  

If you hold trauma in your body for any reason and you get tattooed by someone who is unaware of how it can be triggered, your tattoo can become a permanent reminder of that painful experience.  It's true, and can be so damaging - especially if that tattoo is not done well.  

We have a combined 50 years tattoo experience and we have all personally seen both traumatic events and healing experiences.  We want to help you feel great about your body as you go forward, renewed in your physical being and ready to step onto your own path to greatness!

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