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Our Booking Protocol


Since our services are so intimate and so customized for each client, we have a great protocol to make sure that YOU get the most amazing and life-changing tattoo experience possible!

We created Kintsugi to be a sanctuary, a safe space to release emotions without fear of judgement or distraction.  This is definitely NOT your average tattoo shop.

Please familiarize yourself with the booking protocol as outlined below so you know what to expect, and then go to your artists page and send them a message.

We do most of our client consults via zoom so we can 'meet' before we meet!  We will never pressure you into booking an appointment as we believe fully in divine timing and we know we will hear from you when you are ready!

Please register for one of our community events to get involved in the fun stuff we are doing and get to know us in person if you have any reservations!

How to Book -

Find the Artist you want

Message Them

Be Clear

Each of us has a different specialty and focus.  You can't choose a different artist for the same service, so make sure you know who does what!  Visit their gallery and follow them on social media to get to know them a bit better

At the bottom of each artists page, there is a contact form that will get a message to them directly.  They may not respond for a day or two, as they focus all their attention on the clients ahead of you so they can give you the same level of focused attention when your time comes.  

When you do your video consultation, make sure that you are clear on what you want and reasonable in your expectations, especially if you have scar tissue in the area.  Send the artist any reference they may need to see - such as photos of your scars or old tattoo that you need fixed or covered

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