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By Appointment Only


At the bottom of each artists page, there is a link to email them with your tattoo ideas.

We are a unique type of tattoo studio, especially for a place like Las Vegas, but in order to give our clients the attention they need, we limit the amount of people that we give access to.

This is great for YOU, because your tattoo appointment is all about YOU, no matter what you are getting done!

Please do not be shy, we definitely want to help you, we just also want to make sure we are not interrupted when we do!

Please contact each artist directly with your ideas, we look forward to working with you!  Also, please do ask any questions as we aim to take great care of our amazing clients in this first-of-its-kind healing tattoo space

Cancellation + Deposit Policy:

Since we aim to take next-level care of each client based on their needs and desires, we do wish to have our time well-respected.

We will receive a $250 deposit when we book your time, and that comes off the final price of your tattoo.

Changes to all appointments must be made prior to 72 hours ahead of your scheduled time and can be transferred.

Remember that we are only opening for YOU that day, and we have dedicated a substantial amount of time to your design and healing time.  Also, we offer a trademarked trauma release technique to help you move on from any trauma that you may be holding in your body.  We aim to help you change your life!

Deposits are non-refundable so please schedule responsibly and put yourself first that day!

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