Tattooing is an ancient and sacred art form, used for healing purposes for over 10,000 years, across all time and cultures.

Tattooing was often performed by the shamans, the medicine men and women of the community.  Those who tattooed were highly revered as holding the stories and wisdom of all of their people.  To tattoo is a sacred calling, indeed.  A great responsibility, with great power to transform.

We can keep that dream alive in modern day times, combining this ancient art with modern science to heal the broken members of our unbalanced society.

There are just a handful of heart-centered tattooers across the world working to keep that energy alive in all they do. 

We are just two, and we love what we do.

So, when I was asked to be the subject of a mini-documentary about healing tattoos, I accepted.  I just hope I can bring honour to those who came before me, and inspiration to survivors of any trauma that tattooing can help heal.

Flashback way back to 1997, I was in the