The FIRST EVER Inclusive Healing Tattoo Retreat

A Transformational Tattoo is a life-changing experience. Much like whatever brought you to the point of wishing to BE transformed. Especially when we have a body-changing experience that brings us to our knees. The Transformational Tattoo empowers you to regain full control of your appearance, on your terms.

“When we change the way you view yourself, we can change the way you view your entire world! THAT, my friends, is true power.”

We start by considering what body alterations that you have had and the ideas you are considering so far. We do this by video chat like old friends catching up. We will give you our personal input as well as our experienced professional advice. We will help you understand what limits your body or scars may put on your ideas and help you come up with something that will work and look even better, that you may not have considered yet!


The feeling of receiving a tattoo can open up a small window into your subconscious by igniting a mild physical response as well as an emotional one. This doesn't require pain, but because the skin is being damaged slightly, it wakes up a part of your brain that nothing else can quite access.

An Intentional Tattooer and sanctuary expert can help you navigate a limiting belief that may have arisen from the initial experience, release it, and replace it with an empowering alternative. The tattoo becomes a subconscious visual reminder to your brain that you have healed that emotional wound. The beauty of this is in the subconscious - you don't even have to think about it!

Full emotional release can be realized with little effort, just by staying with the feeling long enough to let it move through you. I have created a little healing sanctuary where you are safe to process these emotions and leave them behind for good. No judgement, nothing but love for the new life you get to live once free from the inner thoughts that no longer align.

Of course, nothing will replace a professional therapist for those who are not willing to face their demons, but peer counselling and gentle guiding can do so much more than most realize! And the tattoo becomes not only your empowered decoration, but an earned piece of armor that reminds you daily of your pure inner strength!

Come, get tattooed.

Leave the past behind.

Move on empowered and joyful,

with freedom you didn't know was possible!

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