the A.R.T. of SMP

Scalp MicroPigmentation

is a safe and affordable way to restore confidence to a man with thinning hair or a receding hairline.

A permanent and natural looking solution to an age-old problem.

the A.R.T. of S.M.P. Scalp MicroPigmentation - Full Certification - $4200

-an amazing way to restore confidence in men and women with a thinning hairline, or to restore wholeness to 

someone who has gone through cancer treatment and now has inconsistent growth patterns.

-a great way to add a meaningful service to your already-established tattoo business.  Not for beginners.

(This work is specialized and a newer tattooist just starting to learn the skin should not attempt SMP. 

For integrity to our trusting clients, we work with experienced and/or advanced tattooists only.)

Trainer:  Roy Corona, 30 year professional tattoo veteran and single needle master


- Shaping and Blending a Natural-looking restored hairline, how to artistically recreate unique follicle patterns.

- Ink and Pigments, Needle Groupings and Knowledge, and Expert Artistic Techniques

- Pricing, Marketing to your community, Tattoo History and trends, and much more...

- Included are 2 mentoring sessions prior to training and 2 mentoring sessions following, so you can have access

to the support you need to be your absolute best!  We support your success, and we stand by it!