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Kintsugi Tattoo is scouting it's new Las Vegas location as we speak...


...and we have VERY high standards!  We are looking for a place where we can do world-class tattooing, host world class events, and also share the space with our community with fun monthly events and classes!

Upcoming classes and events to watch out for will be:

- Kintsugi Classes - mending broken objects with gold and exploring the reality of wholeness vs brokeness

- Full Moon Gatherings - celebrating release of what we don't need anymore to make room for the new

- New Moon Gatherings - setting positive intentions to utilize the power of manifestation

- Breast Massage - A breast massage specialist will come in and teach self-massage to breast cancer survivors 

- Sound Bath - immerse yourself in healing vibration that will reset your DNA and leave you feeling like a new person!

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