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Kintsugi is the Ancient Japanese art of mending broken objects with gold,  making them stronger and even more beautiful than they were before they were broken.

When we honour the brokenness within, we can turn it into our strongest aspects.  When we look at the broken plate, we know that it will never be the same, but it can become even better.  It will never go back into the cupboard to be used with all the other plates, but it can now be turned into a piece of art and displayed on the wall for all to admire.  

We do not shame or turn away from the borken parts, instead we gather and celebrate the things that you have been through to make you, you.  We know you will never be the same, but we're here to help you realize the ways you are better, and decorate them


Kintsugi as a Tattoo Movement - the Scar is the Gold!


"The Wounded Warrior"

A trauma can be seen as an 'initiation' -

the wisdom that can be gained from going

through a deep healing process is to be used

to help others on their path to wholeness.

The tattoo is an instantly different visual

experience of your body that will

show you reconciliation where

brokenness used to rule.

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